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Getting sent around in circles over paid bill

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Bare with me as I go through the story for the 10th time. I had left to australia at the beginning of 2018 and cancelled my account. Upon returning a year later, I had been billed $600 for the cancelled account which continued to rack up interest and late charges. I not only didn't get a chance to clear it with Fido but they had sent this debt to a third party collections company. Ok sure now this affects my credit so I clear it with them (CBV LTD.) 3 years later I open a new fido account yet still see my old cancelled account on file with a current debt still owing... how is this possible ?!? 

I've spent the past week trying to resolve this getting sent back from one company to the other.. may a fido rep please help me. I have the release forms I have all the information but no one is willing to accept it or help me resolve this matter. I gave fido another chance after being wrongfully charged and still get taken advantage of.


Good morning @Tk97 , I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty getting your account back and clearing off your old account. The only way to have this looked at is with customer support and you will have to reach out to them using one of the methods mentioned Here 

My first go to is with @Fido solutions on Twitter. You can have an exchange with an agent over dm without having to be on hold waiting. If that does not work for you then one of the other options may be best suited to you. All the best and hope you can find a speedy resolution.