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Free Tablets and free Bonuses are not necessarily FREE!!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ported my number to FIDO in response to an offer of a FREE tablet for "only $10 for the data plan (2GB), Having an existing number I was confused why the need for another line. The nice agent said "if you don't want the line you can cancel it". I mentioned the free device, you will get a statement regarding that on your next bill. And call terminated. Me thinks that finished that. Next month shows I am still paying $10/mth for the 2GB of data, and now am paying $8.48 for a Tablet. Another call: "Oh you have to pay for the device because you have used it for more than the 30 days (trial period)". Then cancel the plan because the device doesn't work properly, I can write a letter manually faster than the speed of this device. They replied," Because you are now paying for the device, the data plan remains until the device is paid off. Now I had a $40 mobile phone bill that included 10GB of data (average use: 2GB/mth), and $19.78 for a "FREE" tablet, with a 2GB data plan for $10. The next message I get: thank you for beimg a loyal client we will give you 40GB free. "It cost me $26 to accept this free offer. Now I own the d**n tablet, and anticipate a loss of any credits because they were tied to that FREE tablet that cost $208 (plus finance charges). I will be switching to another cell phone company that has better customer service, more transparent billing practice and are telling the truth when they say something they're offering is FREE.



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