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Fraudulent activity

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been a victim of fraudulent activity recently since the national Rogers/ Fido network crash. Someone had accessed my account and ordered a new iPhone device and increased my monthly phone plan. I contacted customer service right away and was told that someone from the fraud dept would contact me within 48hrs. 
When I never got a call back I contacted customer service again and was provided an extension number to someone in charge. Of course no one ever picked up so I left multiple voicemails with my contact information. 
The next day I had no connection to the data network. I tried doing a hard reset on my phone thinking it was a device issue but nothing worked. I thought maybe it was another network issue but I was able to make phone calls so it was just my data that wasn't working. 
Eventually, the next morning I was able to speak to someone from the fraud dept who told me I could just ignore the device and increased monthly charge on my account as it's been flagged as fraud and that they would reverse it. When I inquired about my data network issues I was told that whoever did the reversal forgot to put in the data details when they reverted me back to my old phone plan which is why I had no access for the entire day. I asked if I'd be compensated for that and the agent said I would have to contact customer service and take it up with them. 
I contacted customer service the next day and was told that they couldn't do a price adjustment as it looks like the fraud dept already credited me for that. I was annoyed at having wasted my time waiting to speak to someone for no reason. Why would I be told to contact customer service if they were able to remedy the issue in the first place??
Anyway, I get my most recent bill statement and I see another charge for something called "dir assist". I contact customer service again asking about it. The first rep I chat with is adamant that the charge is valid and that I had probably accidentally dialed 411. I explain that I never dialed that number. The agent keeps repeating that the charge is valid and he's unable to do anything about it and then I get disconnected. 
I go back and try to speak to another agent and am told to fill out an authentication form to ensure I'm the account holder. I ask why they're asking me to do that when the previous agent hadn't done that but filled out the form anyway. The agent tells me that there was no record of my previous conversation with anyone at all regarding my complaint. I'm then told that the pin associated to my account is incorrect and that I have to go to a Fido store in person with 2 pieces of ID to reset the pin on my account and that she is unable to assist me further. 
The next day I walk to my nearest Fido store during my lunch break and it's closed for the day.  I go back the next day and the employee tells me that he is unable to authenticate my account or reset my pin despite my 2 pieces of ID and that I have to call customer service to get it reset. I explain that customer service is who told me to come in store. Now I'm extremely frustrated at the mixed information I'm getting from everyone. I call customer service again and chat with an agent who says that the charges on my bill are valid as it's been made from my device. I explain again that I never made that call or used that service. I physically look at my call log history on my phone and there's no outgoing call at that time stated on the bill. The agent says he'll look into it more and get back to me shortly. Then I'm disconnected again!! 
At this point I'm just so done with Fido in general. I'm constantly getting redirected to different people and disconnected during chats. There's obviously fraudulent activity still happening through my account which is quite worriesome and the lack of support just adds to the frustration. I'm now looking at switching providers but would like someone to fix this issue before I move on. The incorrect charge needs to be dealt with 



Hi Agee1004! 


I'm really sorry to hear about your recent experience with Fido. We would hate to see you go and we want to make this right with you. 


I understand you spoke multiple times with customer service, but we would like to take another look at what happened and hopefully find a solution for you. 


We will be sending you a PM shortly. Keep an eye on your inbox. 🙂