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First bill one-time fee not waived AND the credit still not provided

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I switched over to a fido line during the black friday sale. I did it all through self serve (I pay for my parents phone bills so I have a Fido account). It had been over a week since I heard from Fido and so I called them to confirm and they told me they found mine in the system and asked me about my plan - they told me the SIM card would be sent to me. A bit late, but I was satified. Fast forward to my first bill and there was a one-time fee added AND the promotional credit had not been applied. Fast forward to TWO phone calls with Fido to remedy the situation. In the last call they mentioned that all will be fixed for the 2nd bill.

Well the 2nd bill has come, the plan at least is correct - however I have not received any credit for the extra money I've been charged on the first bill.

1) the one-time fee should not apply - I did this all online 

2) The promotional credit that was missed should apply to my subsequent bills