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Filing a Complaint

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi , 


I would like to file a complain against the Fido , as I got a deal as returning customer for me and my spouse from Fido.

I came back to Fido as customer representative also confirmed that I will get the deal for me and my spouse for next 24 months , but after 1 week after I return to Fido I see that promotion is not there in my account .

My sole reason to come back to Fido and leaving my new service provider was  the promotion Fido offered me, but after returing to Fido now that proomotion is not there . Isn't it case of cheating customer ?

I hope Fido will resolve this issue ASAP before I take next action . 




Hi @agreta23 , you will have to connect with fido customer service representative to discuss your account. We are a community of peers to help problem solve and you would need some who is authorized to access your account. Here  are ways to connect to customer support.