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Fido roam - phone settings

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3



Do I need to enable data roaming on my iPhone to be able to use Fido Roam while in Canada? e.g:  If I am out of range of Fido network and only Telus is available. 


Thank you for any input




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Senior MVP

Hello Glouglou,


  To clarify, Fido Roam would only be applicable when travelling outside of Canada. Using other networks in Canada would be considered extended coverage (Fido-EXT). As mentioned, roaming data would need to be enabled in order to use data in extended coverage. However, most newer phones would automatically roam on other networks for voice calls and messaging (SMS). It should be mentioned that there are some usage limitations with extended coverage. For example, extended coverage usage is only intended on a temporary basis and the majority of your usage would still need to be on the Fido/Rogers networks. In addition, some enhanced features may not be available using extended coverage (see link above).


Hope this helps 😀



Good morning @glouglou , if you are out of range from Fido towers, you shoul enable data roaming on your phone to maintain your data. If you are in Canada and roam on other networks within Canada there's no charges incurred. The majority of the carriers in Canada roam on each other's networks. You will see a fido ext header at the top of the phone when you are roaming on another network. That's a long winded way of saying that you need to enable data roaming to seamlessly receive data. 

From the Fido website, 

You can access your monthly data across Canada without incurring roaming charges, and you can text Canadian and International  numbers from anywhere across the country while on the Fido network. If your monthly plan includes nationwide calling, then you can also call Canadian phone numbers from anywhere across the country.

I hope that answered your question