Fido roam is a scam

Fido roam is a scam

Fido roam is a scam

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Fido roam is a scam

My wife and I travelled overseas. We both had disabled the cellular data option to avoid the hefty roaming charges. nevertheless, both of us were charged for using the Internet!!!


when called the customer service, he could not locate when, where and how much data was used!!!! And told me you have no option but to pay!!!😒😒


Shame on you Fido for those cheap tricks, any advise where to complain or how to fight back??


thank you.


Hey @Bahaatout,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to learn about your latest experience. 

I do suggest you do get back in touch with our customer care team to look more in depth into this situation and work towards a solution!