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Fido overchargerd me 926$ without even notifying me or freezing my services

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been using fido services from past 8 months, and never missed a payment once. I am an international student. I have an add-on pack for 1000 international minutes, which I used for calling back home during CORONA outbreak under the impression that my mintues will be freezed once I reached the limited minutes. However FIDO never gave me any heads up when i reached the limit neither freezed my minitues.


I was really shocked to see long distance overcharges of $ 700 last month. Usually, warning messages are sent whenever we cross the data limit. So, I was under the impression that I would be notified if I cross international calling limit, which i was using for the first time. I did not receive single warning message. Finally, I received a bill through a link stating 'overcharged payment' once after the billing cycle is completed. The link could not be opened as well!


I reached the customer care many times, but they keep telling that they cannot wave the charges. And they expect me to pay for soemthing i was unaware of during this crisis. Especially when most of us are laid off from jobs, on top of that my monthly income is 1000$.


This the worst carrier i have ever choosed so far with the worst customer service. Definetly will not recoomend it to anyone. And i will sue you guys for overcharging me for soemthing i was unware of.





Hello @jaskaransohal,


It's unfortunate you did not understand how the add-on works. Fido never sends out a warning for minutes used that is something we the customer needs to keep track of ourselves.


You can even track the minutes used in the Fido app under the Talk and Text section.


Since you did make the calls the charges are valid and Fido will not waive the charges if you are unable to pay it all at one you can setup a payment arrangement, you can learn more about that here.