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Fido not keeping their promise

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

A few facts about how I was "played" by Fido:

1. On Dec 2, 2019, I placed an only order for a hardware upgrade for my spouse's Medium plan. The offer was a Black Friday one: $0 for preowned S10 Blue + $200 bill credit + system fee waived ($35).

2. On Dec 7 2019, I was told that S10 blue is on back order and I was offer a S10 Black (new). I asked the CS representative if the same offer as Black Friday it will be applied and I was told verbally yes.

3. Dec 18 2019, I got an email from Fido saying that the S10 black has been shipped and I did notice a $600 charge.

4. On Dec 19 2019, after a conversation with FIDO (#611) I was told that they will credit back those $600.

5. Dec 26 2019, escalation manager did not want to apply the credit and I was asking her to check the audio recordings form Dec 7 2019. She refused it and at that time I asked for return label.

Bottom line is that you, Fido, are not honoring what you promise and you CS people are not doing their job properly.

On April 2020 when my balance (my spouse line) will be zero, I will be done with Fido.



Hello @housenation


It's not the type of experience that we want for our customers.


We do hope that you decide to keep your services with us. I would like to take a look at your account to see what was discussed so far.

I'm sending you a PM now, talk to you soon.