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Fido long distance call over charge

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello,I have been a loyal customer to fido for  more than 16 months now.


I usually have 1000 mins long distance call.Never have i missed a payment nor crossed any limit.Last month, my mom was in hospital and the doctor called me so it was urgent and I had to talk to her.

Usually for data ...i get a notification as to how much is remaining in this case i havent got any notification nor did i get the line dosconnected.Nothing was informed, and unknowingly I now see extra charge of 55$ added to my account for crossing the limit.

I am a student and I didnt plan for this.If I got any hint or information i would have not gone overlimit.


I called customer servicee but they cant help me and I am really upset now since it was not in my hand and if I had got any msg i would nt do this.Now its double my monthly bill .It wwas a urgent situation for me and after that call which was so vital i didnt make any calll as I noticed. In my appp i soon stopped uusing the call.


Can someone please help me for something I wasn't at all awared or got any notification.


Its really hard for bear thiss expensse and if something could be done to look into this I would be glad.






I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thank you for your reply. I wasn't aware or didnt know that fido doesnt send any notification for long distance call, I never crossed the limit and thus thought I have lots of minutes left.It was an urgent call ,I lost track of time ,the call too didnt get disconnected.If the charges for over exceeding long disttaance call are so high there should have been some form of msg or notification.


Credit team calling is not a good solution to me, can you please look into my file and do something. Waive or atleast discount the per minute call charge to a minimum.


It will never be repeated ,please value your customer .A humble  request for being with Fido from beginning to present.


Hello @asif112,


Welcome to the community!


Unlike the data notification, we receive when we hit certain thresholds as a courtesy. Fido never sends any notifications for the 1000 minutes this is something you can track from the app.


If you did use the minutes then the charges would be valid, if you are unable to pay it in full you can reach out to the credit operations team and set up and payment arrangement. You can get that information here.