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Fido customer care support is terrible

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

12 years of being a fido customer, this is the first time ever that Fido doesn't give a **bleep** of me....


First time ever, my phone system usage is way different from Fido's.  My phone system shows 12GB, Fido account shows 15.7GB (I got fine for 700mb usage of $56).  Fido said Samsung is wrong, Samsung said they are never wrong.  Ok, I get, I am wrong being a Fido customer.    Called a Fido customer team and we struggled over an hour she hung up on me.  Called 2nd time to another customer team, she sounded like it's my fault, I have to pay $56 no matter what, she doesn't care if I cancel Fido or not.


I have to say, I am one of the best customers Fido could have. I never over limit data usuage in my life, never late pay Fido bill in my life, I never called Fido to waived any extra payment that I did't agree on.  But this time, Fido let me down so bad.


I admitted there were text messages from 2222 or 3333 whatever from US, saying my data is over limit, and asking me to click the link to see.  First of all, I read my phone data usuage was way under limit, second of all, I only trusted texts coming from "Fido", not "2222", "3333".  Because of these two reasons, I didn't belive my data usage was over limit.


So Fido, if you can't resovle my issue and you don't even care about the customer like me, I do not care either, because i won't pay $56 ever at all. 




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @christine66


I'm sorry to read that you had data overage charges on your bill. 


There are many factors that can explain why your phone's tracker doesn't match the information on your Fido app. The most common one would be that the billing cycle on your phone's tracker doesn't match your account's billing cycle. We always suggest to use your app to track the data as it monitors your usage accurately. Also, the text messages we send for usage notification don't show as coming from Fido, they come from a short code so you can trust this message. 


If you make sure to use the app and use the usage notifications we send you, I'm sure you won't have data overage charges again!