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😣I used forwarding, now I can't get voicemail back to normal.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hey Everybody!

     How can I restore directing my forwarding to my voicemail again? The keypad doesn't include the letters required for the voicemail feature. I can't paste letters into there either. How do I restore the setting to normal? Can I even set it back?

    I've had limited luck using the traditionally pointed out answer of "+16478395028", ( How to reset your voicemail password Voicemail - Everything You Need to Know I have looked! 🤣), but it really only fixed the problem with a bandage. People can leave voicemail, but only after entering my phone number first. This works as a temporary fix, but there has to be a legitimate way to regain the former functionality of the call going directly to my personal voice-mail service rather than to the directory of voice-mails?

Pro-Active thanks to everyone who helps. Best wishes to everyone who reads this too. 😌



Hello @Marc-S,


Welcome to the community!


You have to set back the voicemail deposit number which is +16478395028


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2




Thank you for the speedy reply. Unfortunately though that was the same number I mentioned in the OP above. lol. That seems to be the universal answer that's -------- working now?


Uh. I guess that this has been resolved. Not sure why it worked out this time though. Could the difference lay in the addition of the + in front this time around or something? Not sure why it wasn't working. Odd.


I appologize for the opening comment. xD And am humbled and grateful for your help.