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Fido app stopped working at the worst time

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



Today, I was on my last day of my monthly data reset and as I was very close to my data limit, I tried to use the Fido 5 Hours of Extra data add-on as I was travelling.


It worked well for the first hour, then when I tried to go back in and start the 2nd hour, the app wouldn't start. The error read 'You're not online, Check you device's setting and try again' . Every other app was working. I called the customer service expecting someone to start it from their end, but no, they said they do not have the ability to start it from their end. They provided the following solutions:


1. Uninstall and re-install the app  (I could not do it as I was very low on data)

2. Get $20 worth of data add-on (why would I spend an extra $20 when it's your fault that an add-on you offer isn't working because of your app)

3. Change my data plan to increase my data limit (???)


I asked if I add on $20 worth of data, would I be reimbursed because a service or an add-on that you offer was not working, and they said no, they cannot offer anything


So, the representative basically wasted 40 minutes of my time and valuable battery percentage that I wanted to preserve. In addition, as soon as I got home, the app started working, so I'm not sure what the problem was.


I wasn't even offered to provide feedback on the call. 


Switching from Fido the moment I get out of my contract.


Hi @asadaliazam1 , sorry to hear that your extra hours of data didn't work for you. Were you out of your monthly data when you tried to activate the extra hours? If you were already out of data, there would be no internet to access the extra data. You would need an internet connection over data to utilize the extra hours. I believe it can only be activated while you still have a data connection. If I'm not accurate on this, I do hope someone else jumps in to correct me and give you a better explanation. Have a good weekend