Fido Roaming in London.

Fido Roaming in London.

Fido Roaming in London.

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Fido Roaming in London.

I was in London using Roaming from Dec 7th to Dec 13th under the Pulse Plan . The telephone was working but the Data used to come at such a low speed that it was impossible to use internet or most of the time did not come at all.

I travel to London planning to move around the city with Google Maps: IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! 

It was very frustrating and the money I have to pay to Fido a real waste.


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Hello Miguelio,


  I understand it can be frustrating not being to use data when travelling. However, had you verified your phone was compatible with the local networks? Most of Europe generally uses different bands/frequencies than North America. For future reference, you can see the bands/frequencies used by the different countries by selecting from the drop-down menu here (bottom of page). You can also verify the countries bands/frequencies here.


In addition, had you verified that your destinations had good coverage? Mobile phones roam on the existing infrastructure at the destination. Fido's service cannot extend beyond what is available locally. It's the customers' responsibility to check whether their phones would work at their destination. Open Signal can give you an idea of the coverage at your destinations.


Hope this helps Smiley



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You are asking me :  "Had you verified your phone was compatible with the local networks? Most of Europe generally uses different bands/frequencies than North America. ......"   

So you are telling me this condition after the facts when the prejudice alredy occurred ....!!  Once I already travelled trusting that I will have the service 

No , it is Fido that should inform their Customers to verify this Frequency issue BEFORE they take the service and BEFORE they pay for a Roaming that is useles as far as data is concerned. So Fido is saying  to the clients that they can use their smartphones in many countries hidding the fact that the Customer can have problems with the frequencies and giving the Customer a FALSE sense of reassurance that he will have the service .

This is BARELY legal.

Fido spoiled my trip as I planned it.

And no, I am not verifying the Frequency NOW after the facts. May be it is OK maybe not but It will be an exercise in futility...!!

What I will do is not to use Fido roaming service anymore and make sure through Consumer websites that other people will not go through the same problem trough Fido lack of Information on the sales pitch .

By the way Did you read my post? I went to London...!!! Do you think there is no coverage in the City of London and Westminster...? 


Hello again,


  It is the customers' responsibility to make sure their phones work at their travel destination. It is also the customers' responsibility to make sure there is adequate coverage at their destination.


  If you look at any travel book. There'll be a section on making sure your phone works when travelling.


  Did you travel with Fido Roam or a Travel pack? Did you tell Fido you're travelling to London? With Fido Roam or purchasing a Travel pack via My Account, you can just hop on a plane to anywhere. How are they supposed to verify your phone works at your destination if you don't even have to tell them you're travelling??


  I understand that the information I posted will not help your last trip. However, I posted hoping to also help others not go through the same situation. Just because your phone did not work adequately over there does not mean that others' phones will not.




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You are hidding the fact that FIDO does not advice the customers to verify the Band Frequency .

You say now " It is the customers' responsibility to make sure their phones work at their travel destination."



Anyway your BLAME THE CUSTOMER approach is not nice.

It would have been nicer if you would have answered something like " sorry for the inconvinience, we will try to make sure that there will be a note on Fido website letting know our Customers that they should verify the phone and the band frequency at their destination.

By the way : I am not even defending my case , I am defending the principle of an honest advertising where all the possible limitation of the service should ve clearly stated 

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 that is absolutely OK for the London area. 

The data was a) sometimes not working,b) working at an amazingly low speed most of the time  c) working at full speed maybe 5% of the time.

It was just an awful SERVICE for data on the roaming service. That's all.

That is why I strongly recommend to buy a local simcard if you travel to London UK