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Fido Roam - Charged with Data Off and Roaming Off (12 to 24 kb)

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello all, 


I'm writing hoping to get a better understanding on what happened.


I went to the States for about 7 days.

Left on Sunday, came back following Saturday.


Here's my data usage:

- Sunday: 8776 kb

- Monday: 12 kb

- Tuesday: 20 kb

- Wednesday: 24 kb

- Thursday: 13 kb

- Friday: 17 kb

- Saturday 13 kb


I used my phone with roaming and data on on Sunday to find an address and phone number. Beyond that, I turned both cellular data and roaming off. 


However, I got charged for Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The CS agent told me the data charges those other days happened in the morning around 6-7am (when  I was certainly sleeping). But because of the 24hrs rule, that's why i got charged only every other second day. Fine on this point.


BUT! She said it's likely because my WiFi assist (available verbatim on ios 9+), and on Android (as a different name). I have Android. I checked to find out what this function would be called as; finally found it in Developer options, it's called Mobile data always active, and it's off. I couldn't find it with her on the phone to tell her that, but she was sure it would be that. Despite me telling her that:

- I had cellular data and roaming off

- i have 2 data tracking apps, and none of them show any cellular or roaming use from Monday to Saturday. She said that maybe it was those apps... lady, data was OFF and one app would catch the other should that be the case.


She suggested calling back if I find this "wifi assist" option and it's off indeed so they can investigate further. But before I do that and spend another hour on the phone trying to explain that it cannot be from my side, perhaps anybody else might have a better idea on how to approach this.


I would like to continue using Fido roam when I need to, but at this point it's not worth it if I have to fight these bills every single time. Could I get a server/ip data log for those days to look at them myself? 


Thanks in advance!


Essential phone, android 9, latest July security patch.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Has this been root caused?

I had a similar issue end of Jan 2020 (Android 9, latest pathch, etc).

Pls share any insight.

Hey @emezh123 and welcome to the Community.

Can you tell us more about what you experienced on your end?


Also, what phone model were you using at the time?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I've been for 4 days in Austin, TX. I typically have wifi access there all the time (airport, office, hotel), so keeping my Data off and (Data Roaming off) all the time. I also have offline maps downloaded to the phone so I can navigate without data being on. I do keep Mobile network on though. 

I have Nokia 9 PureView.

Few hours after i've landed in Austin, while on the move (no WiFi) i've noted that the mobile network item on the main screen showed transmit-receive arrows as if the mobile connection was active.

I immediately went to the settings screen. Data and Data Roaming were still off.

I've turned them on for a second and immediately turned off. the small arrows (near mobile network icon at the top) disappeared.

After that i've closely followed what was going on with mobile network icon when I was out of WiFi and i've observed the above situation few more times (every day).

My last bill had data roaming charges - few MB every day.


Thank you for sharing that information, it's really useful.


Did you receive any notification on your end letting you know that you were roaming in the US?


Hello @gigibecalli


I went over what you explained and if the data +roaming were both off, you shouldn't get charges on your end.


We would need to go over your account to investigate on what happened.

I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.