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Fido Device Protection is the worst

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

total scam - I dropped my phone about a month ago but was happy to know i was paying for Device Protection every month. Doesn't matter though, seems i have been paying into nothing! I have gone to 2 different fido stores on 2 seperate occassions, each time being told they don't have any loaners in, and to contact Asurian. 
I contact them, they don't have any phones, and ask me to pay a couple hundred dollars for a new phone. 
what is the point of this coverage.

and the Fido rep on the phone was zero help, and quite infuriating actually. 
I have always loved Fido, been a customer for a LONG time, and i feel they need to offer long time customers a better option. will be switching companies as soon as possible.





Hello TwylaDawn. 


It's unfortunate that you feel that way. 


The Fido Device Protection has extended device and accessories replacement options. All the replacements are handled by Asurion who is a third party vendor that manages device replacements. 


Asurion charges a Service Replacement Fee via credit card for each replacement. The fee varies depending on the device.


A documentation was sent to you with all the details on how it works. For more information, you can find that here


We certainly don't want to see you go. I would like to take a look at the situation with you.


I'm sending you a PM. Talk to you soon Smiley


**Update: As of February 2018, Fido Premium Device Protection is managed by our new vendor Brightstar. More info here.**