Feedback ( Recent Store Visit)

Feedback ( Recent Store Visit)

Feedback ( Recent Store Visit)

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Feedback ( Recent Store Visit)

Jeremy from Richmond Center Fido was an absolute breeze he helped me get the phone I wanted; walked me through each step to help learn about my new phone; got me a really great deal as well which I’m super happy about. Overall he’s the person to go to efficient, friendly, and fast ! 


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Thanks so much for your awesome feedback. We're happy your experience with Jeremy was a great one. 


I'll make sure to send the feedback to the store so he can get the props he deserves. 


Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience! 

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Nikita from Fido Oakville Place Kiosk have been absolutly professional, patient and knowledgeable.

Thank you very match.


Thanks for the feedback, @kivito. I will be sure to pass it along Smiley


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