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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I put in a service request in July. I missed my appointment due to my father passing, and the tech emailed to tell me that my repair was expiring so I went the next day before it it was set to expire the day after that.


When I arrived there, he said it would be no problem to fix my phone as it was covered with a one time fix my screen, but he didn’t have the part as he had just had someone in with a galaxy s20 before me and he said  order the part.  He told me that everything was good but I would have to request the repair again . He told me to come in Wednesday. HE said he would send the cancel on to cancel this request and tat would make it so I could re request.


My phone is my only life line, I don’t drive, and I have a sick child, health issues myself and I recently lost my job so its not been good trying to send out resumes when people need to call you back.


My issue is this, when I went reschedule the repair(when I finally got my laptop running lol) I was unable to, my device wasn’t showing up at all. It was showing the other lines I pay for for my family but not mine at all, which no one could explain, when it was showing finally I went to rebook the repair and was unable to at all. It just wouldn’t let me do anything. So then I see that my warranty was up. After reading the terms I am still not quite sure if I understand if I am still entitled to one free scree repair or not, but have ot pay for anything else.


Also I have been a customer with fido for years. Ive pay three lines and recently just closed a fourth , as my father passed and it was his. The other two lines are my mother and my daughters who do not reside with me. I pay my bill every month. I pay device protection for my lines. I’ve never ever actually had to use that monthly payment or protection until now.


The reason I am telling you all this is because I would like to think that my repair could still be honored as I booked the repair and was at the store before the warranty was up.  Had the part been there, I would now have had my phone fixed.  But because it wasn’t I had to rebook and unbeknownst to me, as luck would have it my warranty was up the next week.


When the system did let me book a repair it now said I had to pay 275 and my only option was mailing it in. i really did not wanting do that when I had been told in print and also in person that I had the choice of going to get a repair in store or mailing it in. It also says that there are affordable payment places to have a repair done. 275 on a credit card immediately for me is not an affordable payment plan. As embarrassing as it is I do not have the money available on my cards as I just paid a funeral and have no job I am just getting by.  I have cash and even then I am taking it out of my kids mouth, something I would prefer to have billed to me so I could pay later or pay half later, however given then circumstances and that I am a good customer who always pays her bills has several lines and is loyal for years I am thinking something can be done here.


To make matters worse I have no phone at home, have a very ill child who I can not leave to just go to Fido store when i am not close and don’t drive,  and I have done everything under the sun to get in touch with someone from Fido, however the only way they say (WHEN I Am in live chat ) 

I can get any answers is to call the 1800 number which I cannot do. I have sent feedback and messaged about this in surveys as well. nothing back.  I have talked to customer service several times online and they know  nothing and cannot send a message to someone to contact me or give me a contact number I would have gone in to a store by now as I am really desperate without the phone however month keeps getting better as I suffered a bad injury to my leg last week as well and I am finally able to move.


I am sorry if this is to much information you don’t need but its kind of crazy that Fido sends me surveys to complete on my satisfaction  and  emails me with ads telling me in these uncertain times Fido has my back or has me covered and this is the one time in my life I’ve ever been in such a garbage situation with everything and I cannot even get a hold of someone online regarding this matter, and when everything else a person can do with FIDO they basically push you to do online now . I cant phone in to get my phone fixed because I need my phone fixed . Murphy’s law.


I also emailed Brightstar twice  and received not a word back from them either, just ignored.  so I am asking as a customer if someone can please at least return my messages and possibly look into this matter and see if there is anything you can do for me, or at least give me a contact for Fido so

I can see why I am at least told I have the choice of going into the store when I clearly am not given that either.  it also says i was switched to likewise protenction now so I emailed them and recieved an automatic repply from BRIGHTSTAR.. I wont hold my breath.  If I could talk to someone via my email that would make life so much easier ATM


Normally none of this would be a problem for  me but it would really make life much easier for me and instill my faith as a customer if I could have my initial repair honored  (since it wasnt in my control to not have it done when i was actually there )at least as an act of goodwill even for a good customer ? Or at least have me have the  the option to take my phone in where it can repaired in a few hours not a few weeks like it says in the agreement.  


otherwise i dont know whyi need to keep paying this 15 dollar a month now fee that doesnt seem tohelp me when I need it or to this brightstar whom I had no knowledge of to begin with, who cant even bothered to return my emails at all








Hello @cp21


Really sorry to learn about your experience here.

In order to verify this for you, it will be necessary to contact our customer service. You can find all the ways to reach us here.