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I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Proceed with extreme caution. My stomach is churning inside out after reading other customers similiar traumatizing experiences with fido/brightstar. I bought my iPhone XR 128g  shortly before xmas2018 before a South American vacation. Naturally I got full insurance/protection offered by fido vendors, apple care and premium device protection w brightstar in case of lost or stolen device. Unfortunately I was pickpocketed in a crowded bus terminal April 31 in bogota Colombia. Spent the last month of my vacation dealing with fido customer care incompetence updating mailing address to match information on my passport to proceed with brightstar claim. Fast forward 5 weeks and 10+ hours dealing with customer care and I'm back in Canada. Finally have the resources to properly submit my insurance claim. Today I was told I was approved FINALLY, my payment would be taken and I would be receiving my replacement device tomrow. 1 hour later I receive an email saying that my claim has been rejected with no further explanation. I call brightstar and am told by a rep that barely speaks a word of English that my claim had misleading information!!!! I am livid!!! I spent the last 6 weeks every single day going back and forth with fido and brightstar jumping through every necessary and unnecessary hoops. I have been completely transparent and forthcoming every step along the way... I was told the issue has been escalated and I will be contacted in 2 business days. I only have 10 days left before my claim expires as I was abroad for the first 5 weeks and had limited access to resources. I am absolutely disgusted at the remarks in reading these forums. It looks like Brightstar is flagrantly denying honest claims. I'm not sure my exact recourses but I will escalate to the highest levels  of situation is not resolved promptly and I am adiquitly compensated for grief and sufering. I am prepared to start a social media campaign and bring it to local and national news that fido is involved in a national systemic insurance fraud scheme. I have been with fido for 12+ years since I was in highschool, this isn't how you treat your customers. I have family in law as well... I will do whatever is necessary. I know it sounds silly because it's "just a phone" but some how this has caused me more stress and grief than any interaction with a government or corperation in my 32 years on earth! 




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @LukeMoney86


Welcome to the community. 


Thanks for sharing your concerns, your feedback is greatly appreciated. We can definitely understand the importance of having a phone and we're here to help!


Was the situation escalated through Brightstar or Fido? 


To get started, simply reach out to us at these channels so we can take a closer look. We can also send you a PM here if you prefer.


Let us know.