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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

So, i was formerly a Fido customer but now i'm currently a freedom mobile and ive got the iphone Xs Max 256gb.


On Feb 5th, 2021 got a phone call from someone from the winback team trying to bring me back as a customer of fido. Here's the Breakdown


She was Offering me Iphone 12 green 256gb for $50/month for a 25Gb plan plus the expected $33.33 mobile monthly payment. all total of $80 plust hst for 24 months. now the thing is i already have 15gb/month with freedom, so very little insentive to switch.

But the fact that im getting a new phone and an extra 10gb of data made me consider reswitching back to fido.

so we had a conversation that lasted for almost 40 mins, bear also in mind that this conversations are recorded.


So after having agreed to eveything as discussed with the winback agent and even made a downpayment to kickstart my new spell with fido. within a day i recieved an email of the agreement, but i did not like what i saw because its different from what was discussed and agreed. i saw in the agreement that i was paying and getting a 15gb/month plan when in fact 25gb/month was what was discussed and agreed.


I thought it might have been  a simple typo error, then i called the local fido customer service to verify that it is indeed an error, but it was not!! i explained to them my fustration because this wasn't what was agreed. they told me they'll send the agent an email with a note for me and that i should be expecting a call within the next 48hrs. well i waited for 4 days, no call. Then i called again, explaining my concerns and frustrations and they said they will send another email and that this time i should recieve a phone call within the next 24 to 48 hours. Again i waited another 2 days, no call.


So i decided to call again a third time. Again they said they would send another note, but "No" i said. i wanted out of the deal because it isn't what we discussed and agreed on. So i took the phone that was sent to me two days ago (unopened box) and requested for a return label and a also a refund request.

So all in all i've wasted 6days waiting to hear from fido.


Now my frustrations are really an unwelcomed disruption of my peace of mind. Because i didnt ask for a deal from fido, but they wanted to give me one but in the end they do not wish to honor it. How can i trust them now? All i wanted was the agreement to be honoured expecially since ive already made a downpayment.


Now i'm not saying Fido are terrible or doing anything Shady, but its things like this that makes a company lose public trust and utimately customers. But who knows, they may indeed get back to me and fix things up. I'll be giving them the benefit of the doubt to do so. Thanks for reading.


Has Anyone gone through something similar to this? Please Share your Thoughts



Hi there MrKnow!


Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to read about your experience as this is truly not how we want things to happen.


I will be sending you a PM your way in the Community so that we can further look into this together and turn this around for you!


Talk to you soon!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I'll be expecting. Thanks for reaching out.