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Extremely unknowledgeable customer representative

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was with @Fido for many years before switching to Rogers. In order to return to Fido, I contacted a Fido customer service agent about reactivating my account. He went over the porting procedure with me and shipped a SIM card and mobile device for my account. The issue began within a few days of using my Fido network. When I called Fido customer service, my network was suddenly blocked, and I came to know that a credit limit had been added to my account. After spending hours on the phone with multiple customer service representatives, a Fido supervisor apologized to me for mistakenly setting a credit limit to my account despite the fact that I have a very excellent credit score and have never missed a payment before. It was going great until I decided to upgrade my mobile device. When I called customer support to upgrade my phone, I noticed that there was no zero down payment mobile devices in my account. When I questioned further, the agent said that because I had a low credit score, the system automatically removed all offers, including the $0 down payment option. I explained all previous issues I had encountered and spoke with several customer service representatives before being forwarded to the credit operations team, who verified my account and credit score and concluded that there is a technical glitch in my account that prevents my account from receiving any promotions. In addition, when I reviewed my Fido statement for the month, I realized that the credit limit had been re-added to my account. I'm not sure what's going on with my account.

I have no clue who to contact or where to go to get help with my problems. Every time, I spend at least 4 to 5 hours a day talking to different customer service representatives to explain my situation, but not a single representative resolves my issue. I am really frustrated and wish to change my mobile network.


Hello @chakde , sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with your account. Unfortunately the only suggestion I have is to try corresponding with fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and have a private interaction through direct messaging. You could send a message and request assistance. It is a much more relaxed interaction without having to hold on the phone. Hoping for a good resolution for you, cheers