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Extremely Rude Customer Specialist

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I usually won't go to this length but I just received unbelievably rude service from a fido agent on the phone and can't believe it actually happened.


I recently activated home internet and received a bill that seemed to be inconsistent with the amount I was informed of at activation. The first question he asked me was "Paul did you look at your itemized bill". I said know I didn't and he asked again saying "I repeat did you look at your itemized bill because you stayed on the line for one hour waiting to complain about your bill and didn't bother to read your itemized bill". His time sounded demeaning/disrespectful  and I told him so.


Firstly I was on the line for barely 10minutes and I rang in from my phone that didn't have internet while at the hospital. I attempted to explain that he didn't ask if I had access at the time and while i was still speaking he started laughing and cut me off saying 'you have home internet what do you mean you don't have access'.


I had received this message while stepping out of the car to meet my appointment. I checked my Fido which didn't have itemized billing so left my tab in the car. It felt like I was stupid to have called in to inquire and he made sure to pass that message across without bothering to listen.


Even if I had the internet service and was home I have every right to ring in to make inquiries if I choose to. 


Please correct me if I am wrong. In my two years with Fido I have never felt this way. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Romsy,


Welcome to our Community!


I'm really sorry to see that your last interaction with us left you feeling this way, I assure you this is absolutely not the experience we want for you or how we want to treat our customers! We're here to help as much as we possibly can and always clarify any questions you might have about your service.


We take your feedback very seriously and we will internally investigate your experience. I'll send you a private message here on the community to get a bit more information from you so we can look into it.


Talk soon!