Extra Hours of Data – Help guide

Extra Hours of Data – Help guide

Hey Community,


We hope you’re enjoying your 5 Extra Hours of Data!


Here are a few questions you can ask yourself in case you’re having issues using your 5 Extra Hours of Data:


  • Do you have the latest Fido My Account app? If not, go to the App Store or Google Play to download.
  • Make sure your OS is up to date (iOS 8.2 or above for iPhone users and Android 4.2 or above for Android users).
  • Are you on a Fido PulseTM plan? A Fido Pulse plan is required in order to take advantage of 5 Extra Hours of Data


If you’ve answered yes to all these questions and you still can’t get an Extra Hours of Data session going, here are more questions you can ask yourself, along with certain messages you may receive:   


Have you used your Extra Hours of Data session today?

Data Bytes 1.png


Are you out of Extra Hours of Data sessions? You have 5 sessions per month/billing cycle.

Data Bytes 2.png


Are you connected to Wi-Fi?

Data Bytes 3.png


Are you connected to our network?

Data Bytes 4.png


Are you roaming or in an Extended Coverage area?

Data Bytes 5.png

Data Bytes 6.png


If you’re in the middle of a Extra Hours of Data session and you happen to wander into an Extended Coverage area, or if you roam outside Canada, you will be notified immediately by Flash SMS that Extra Hours of Data is not available. If you move back to the Fido network and if your Data Bytes session is still active, you will be able to use the remaining time from your Extra Hours of Data session. FYI, you will only receive one flash SMS notification the first time you enter an area where 5 Extra Hours of Data is no longer available.

Data Bytes 7.png

Data Bytes 8.png


Need more info? Take a look at our FAQs!