Email to text service broken

Email to text service broken

Email to text service broken

I'm a Participant Level 2

Email to text service broken

Does anyone here use Fido's email to text service? (service that sends you a text message when you receive an e-mail at


Or does anyone here have an e-mail addresses?


If so, have you tried if it is working today?


My issue is that all e-mails to addresses seems to be bouncing with a recipient not found error.


The problem seems to have started today.  I've noticed that yesterday Fido's MX server was

Today, Fido's MX server is now:


Fido tech support does not seem to know anything about this.



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I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi Edsel.  Long time Fido customer here (since 2003). Am having similar problems. Did you find any solutions?


Please see today's follow up response to my separate post back in May, 'Fido Email to Text Service and Unwanted Texts' . Have started receiving these again (ugh).


Fido support has not helpful, in fact they were a bit frustrating today and ended up hanging up.

Hey @Sustainz


We replied to your other post on this topic right here. Smiley 

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Hi edsel,


I don't have any reported outages. Are you still experiencing the same issue?