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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Date: Sep 15, 2021
Time: Around 6:30pm
Location: Fido Store at Pacific Mall in Markham

Service Needed: Porting Services to Fido


I went in as a usual customer - asking help from the cantonese speaking sales rep for help to port my number to Fido (I already received SIM card via mail)


She was already showing an unhappy face. And keep saying she cannot do it and keep telling me I have to call hotline. I explained to her I was told to visit the store to do the porting as the old sim card does not show the sim number. 

She was getting impatient and asked me for numbers and details. I tried all my best to provide all those.. including the new sim card phone number ( which I had to slowly login onto the fido site) and the old phone carrier account number.


So I took a seat to scroll for the details. And she is hestitating why I had to go round to take the seat. 




Anyhow, she said she could not help and told me to call hotline with a very rude attitude.


At that point, I got triggered. I asked her why she is giving me a bad attitude. Why with a poker face.


She, again, replied with a bad attitude: I am wearing a mask,,, how am I showing you a black face?! 


I said, your voice clearly tells everyone you are not happy helping me... because it is only after sales service and not a sales for you? 


She says her voice is like that and she cannot help improving it..


She even complains that I sat down there while it is a pandemic... 


I really find it very funny... I am cautious about covid 19 as well... And i follow all the protocols all the time as I have a little one and elderly at home who can't get vaccine. I sat down because I am tired. and there was no sign telling me not to sit there.


She further blamed me on go round to sit... (I might not be able to explain the floorplan clearly but keep it short is that, the chair is on the side of her desk.. and if I do not go around to sit, I would be facing backwards... and only if I go around to sit, I can talk to her face to face.) Maybe you can get the CCTV footage or floorplan of the store and have a better idea.


Anyhow, I was already very pissed... I couldnt stay any longer..


I left and called and luckily the lady on the phone got it done within 10minutes... (If the website didn't say i have to go to store to get done, all the above could be avoided..)




This experience is really really really bad... we just started the fido service... no one should treat customer like this and even more, i did not do anything wrong.. 
Porting services could be easy for experts but not for me as we seldom do porting action...

Or maybe she had a bad day... but there's nothing due to me right?


I hope you do not think I am exexaggerating or magifying the issue 

Fido should train well on their staff. this is totally unacceptable!!  I would never recommend people to go into the store ever unless this is improved!!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @121319021,


Welcome to our community!


I'm really sad to see that your first experience with us was a poor one, I truly apologize as this is not the service we aim to offer to any of our customers! Sad


I do recommend contacting customer service for any inquiries about your account as the stores aren't able to assist with all requests, however our customer service is in place to help you with absolutely any concerns you have with your account. There is no excuse though for the experience you had with the representative at all and we would like to take a closer look at the entire situation with you.


We appreciate your feedback as we're always looking to improve and to provide the best customer service possible through all our channels. 


I am sending you a private message here on the community so we can look into this further.


Talk soon!