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Dot your i's and cross your t's

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hey Loyal customers of Fido.  I've  been with Fido for 13 years and my bills have always been paid on time. I added a second line with 1000 international minutes for my parents. My first line has 1000 international minutes and it never expires.


So to my surprise I got a bill for apprx 540.00.  I called Fido only to be told it was on contract for 2 years.  After several unsuccessful conversations,  I paid the full bill.  I was told by the first manager that they would forgive the 76.50 for my upcoming bill if I added 5.00 to pay for 1500 international minutes.  I did this and because the manager didn't add this into her notes.  I was told charges are valid.  I finally spoke with a manager who actually listened, was sincere and intelligent.  So it made this tedious conversation bearable.  He saw the error and retracted the 76.50.  A small win for me and a big win for Fido. The thing I learned is that, make sure you get the name of the manager, date and time you spoke with them.  Make sure to take notes.  Just because they didn't document the conversation doesn't mean they next agent can just hide behind the valid charges and there are no notes excuse.  The calls are recorded. Ask them to pull it up.  That's where the time, date and name helps.