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Does this warrant a complaint to CRTC

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have 4 lines with Fido. I have been with Fido from last 15 years. Two lines are very old and the two were latter added as family grew.
Late last year, I called Fido and told the CSR that I have two old plans that don't offer much in terms of data used and a very high prices compared to new plans that they are offering. At that time the agent agreed and to mend the situation gave me 25/mo discount on two lines. Advising me that this discount is for one year, as that is the maximum term of any discount that she can offer, and then told me that I should call next year and Fido will extend the discount for another year. This was my conversation in 2022 Sep.
So, I called in September with an intention to get the discount extended, and to my dismay, the agent refused, So I asked her to release the recorded conversation between me and the agent in September and listen to it. If there was an implied promise to extent the discount, then Fido should fulfill it. To that request she refused, that was utterly disgusting.
So, I told her that I see an offer of $33/mo on one line for 10GB. why don't Fido offer me that same on all lines, This greedy company refused that as well. Reason given was that they can only offer deals that revenue optimization engine offers on each line. -- The way most revenue optimization engine works is by assigning probability of what maximally can be extracted from a customer by offering minimal service (cost) without causing the customer to churn (turn over to other provider) -- an example of mathematical model of corporate greed.
So, I told her that I see another $38/mo offer on my two lines can that be applied, so she tells me that if she does that my current discounts will take away for the month of September as well. Then, I asked her why don't she set it up so that new plan takes effect on the change of billing cycle, to that she said, still the discounts will be taken away. She suggested that I should call in October, however, she also said that most likely that 38/mo deal might not be available then - A clear example of how this was set up to extract maximum revenue. Basically, Fido has set outcomes is a way that Heads Fido wins and Tails Fido wins (customer will lose in any outcome)
I can conclude few points here: since the government pressure have waned Fido is back to its old habit of extracting every penny from its customer and it doesn’t reward customer loyalty.
False advertisement -- If Fido claims that it hasn’t falsely advertised then it need to release the conversation I had with the agent last year.
At this point, I believe I have a case to file a complaint with CRTC. at the same time bid good by to Fido.
Corporate greed has once again raised its ugly head, which is very concerning give that cost of living crisis we are in.



Hello @basarfahad,


While I do not know what was discussed between you and the first agent, when it comes to promotions there are never any guarantees it can/will be extended. Fido is within in rights to not extend any promotions/discounts if it so chooses. 


If you set the plan to start at your new cycle it will not remove any promotions until the change happens.


As for filing a complaint with the CRTC I would recommend you read the objective of the CRTC before you do as I can guarantee they will not help you in this matter, see here for more information about the CRTC.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Just do what I am currently doing. Move to the other provider, and once that other provider runs its course move to another one or back to Fido, at which point I am pretty sure they will gladly take your hard earned money once more... Much simpler and effective than filing a complaint, which in all likelihood will get you nowhere 😉