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Does Fido really need loyal customers?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Having Fido customer service to answer to the call takes forever, as always. 

Customers are provided another option as Online Chat which should have help out our concerns, but it works worse than the call. One of their customer provides Karanbir, sorry I have to give the name, because she/he wasted my time as more than 40 mins to kept me waiting for her to check my account, then I got ZERO solution regarding my request. 

Just wondering if it's not really helping, why would you giving such a useless option? This is the worst customer service and it's annoying!!



Hey @Dild,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm truly sorry to learn about your hassles getting through customer care and your latest experience. 

When it comes to the additional delays, we've been a bit busier these days and this has caused longer wait periods before reaching an agent.


Though, in regards to your experience with the agent, this is definitely not what we aim to offer. 

We do have other servicing channels such as on Facebook and Twitter, where we can offer you support with your ongoing situation. Please reach out and we can help you further!  

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Fido doesn't care about our loyalty. I was with them for way over 10 years, and always feel like new customers get way better deals than existing. Only offers I get are to spend more money, even if they know I don't need more data!