Discounts for Frontline Workers from (Rogers, Telus & Koodo) most Provinces

Discounts for Frontline Workers from (Rogers, Telus & Koodo) most Provinces

Discounts for Frontline Workers from (Rogers, Telus & Koodo) most Provinces

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Discounts for Frontline Workers from (Rogers, Telus & Koodo) most Provinces


hope everyone is keeping safe during this difficult time.

But, does anyone know if Fido is giving discounts to Frontline Workers?
Rogers, Telus, and Koodo definitely ARE! (Crediting monthly plans)!

its to help out and show support for Frontline Workers during these difficult times, due to COVID-19 and to show appreciation!

I believe it is for 2 months! It didn't say when this offer ends, but just putting it out there!

This is across most major hospitals in the GTA that has been hardest hit with COVID-19!


Is Fido giving discounts & Promotions for Nurses week, like your competitors?

Fido, are you doing or giving any discounts like these?
Come on! Jump on board!

Your competitors are always ahead of you for something!

You don't even have a plan out for the iWatches or the Samsung watches yet!

get with it!
That's how people/your customers leave!

And YES, we know about Fido Xtra, but that only applies if you go to some of the restaurants or stores that you give your discounts to.

Try doing something that everyone can benefit from!

not just people who buy certain boxes with certain samples that will be shipped to their home for 10% off of $70 or $90 bucks!

2 months free for wireless services!

That's pretty good!

Most Provinces are doing this by the way!

Thanks Rogers, Tulus & Koodo for your support!

it's greatly appreciated!

keep safe!


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Did you have a question for us? 

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Since Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus, it would make sense that if Rogers offers free service to frontline workers Fido should as well, yeah?

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You, sho skippy, Kile!

Bloody right we should!

Or either throw in some serious free X-tra GIGS. Especially if we are waiting for bloody TTC or other means of transportation!

no Iwatch plan, no nothing for Frontline Workers, come on Fido! Get it together!:weary_face:🥱

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So how do we get this discount?

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Hello, @ Trikuc.

Thr girls who have been lucky to get this either called in or went on-line. The girls who actually spoke to the Customer Service reps stated that they are now getting waived for 2 months. One was with Rogers, the other was with Telus.

The 2 girls confirmed that this was real. I can count at least 3 girls who have confirmed this, and due to this being correct. They encouraged others to look about it.

Good luck if this is your wish! Well deserved guys and girls!:hugging_face:


if you get through, let me know!

Be safe and have a wonderful day!


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You can find what Fido is offering at this time here any changes or updates will be announced of


As for the discount for front line workers, it looks like just the 3 big parent companies are offering that discount and not the flanker brands like Fido. 

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Bonjour, @KAPABLE-K 

Thanks for the warm welcome and the link to check out the latest from FIDO!

It is still too bad that the discount is offered only by the BIG3!

Anyhow, have a jolly-good day and stay safe!