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Disappointed, Frustrated and Gutted!!!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a Fido customer for a couple of years now. Until last month I was on a BYOD plan and on boxing day 2023, I walked into a Fido store@Ajax Ontario to upgrade my device. I spent almost half a day at the store which included multiple visits on the same day and also rushed to Rogers store@Oshawa Ontario in between as the Fido store didnot have the handset I needed in stock.

Since I was upgrading my phone, I had to go with the plan that are compatible with the phone. After all the discounts(boxing day, Rogers new credit card application, loyalty discount etc.,) the agent at store told me that he is giving this plan:


75GB data per month

1000 long distance mins per month(I had to choose between 1000mins to fewer countries or 200 mins to many cuntries and I chose 1000)

unlimited call and texting Canada wide among others that are included in the plan.

$55 - $15 discounts = $40 + Tax per month.



iPhone 15 Pro Max 256G

After discounts, $56 + Tax per month.

$0 down payment.


Other offers the agent at store promised me: 

Set-up service fee($60) waived off. Store manager said their store had the budget to do it. The same could not be done by Rogers store that day.

$100 bill credit in first month as I applied for  RogersBank credit card.


I received my first bill after I upgraded my phone:


  1. No long distance mins in my plan.
  2. Service fee was not waived off.
  3. Handset cost is $75+tax and not $56.

The bill looked complicated with charges that I was not expecting and was not aware of and were completely different from what the agent promised me at store.



on 27th Dec 2023, I received the new agreement from Fido which didnot include a $5 discount promised by agent at store. Plan cost was showing $45 per month. I called store, the person who answered the call said sorry his agent made a mistake.

I called customer support and they somehow applied the doscount after 3 long phone calls. If I remember correctly, I even got a confirmation on the total monthly charges from the agent on phone(same as what agent in store promised) and the inclusions in plan(I requested Rogers for these call recordings on 11th Jan).

Now in Jan 2024, I received my bill and the numbers are all inflated because of one main reason among others, my long distance calls during holiday season. I again called customer support(11th Jan) and that is when I felt very very dissapointed and dejected. The agents were very impatient and not willing to listen to my side of story. They sounded like they were not interested in resolving the issue. Instead they were escaping from the discussion saying "there is nothing they could do, is there anything else I can help you with". I only mentioned that I am frustrated with these unexpected charges but I was very polite when I spoke to the agents. But surprisingly, the agents were impatient with me and many times they kept interrupting me when I was talking and were trying to end the call without any conclusion. Companies need to protect their agents/employees from abusive behaviour of customers. But on the other hand customers shouldnt be put through the impatient behaviour and unwillingness of agents. 


I was already disapponted by looking at my latest bill, my calls to customer support felt only like rubbing salt on the wound.


Any pointers on how to get this resolved and get the plan promised by the agent? Thanks in advance and much appreciated.!



Hey @AK0201,


I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. It's definitely not the type of service we wish to provide to our customers.


Concerning your situation, this can be looked into by customer service here

We have different ways to reach us, feel free to send us a message on social media!