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Disapointed with loyalty offer

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have been a loyal fido customer and also just subscribed to Fido Home phone. However when I logged into my account I noticed a loyalty offer. 4gb data for $50. This is fine and dandy but they are offering new customers 5GB for $50. I tried to talk Fido into offering the new customer offer to me but they refused. So I guess loyalty means nothing.


Others are currently offering new customers and existing customers 5GB for $50. This makes no sense. Others also have a similar home phone service. So much for loyalty. I will be pursuing a plan elseqhere as the deal is better and will also be cancelling all fido services. I guess Fido is ok with losing a longtime customer for 1GB of data


I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Phone them back!

I just went through a similar issue. I feel it isn't about Fido not wanting to do the right thing, it's actually about the first person who answers the phone may not have the training and authorization or experience to make the right decision.

I just spent 2 hours on hold with a guy that came back with the same answer as when we started. I got angry and frustrated and hung up and phoned back. Caroline answered and understood my issue, we came to a decent compromise and fixed everything in about 15 minutes. That saved me from taking my 3 phones and leaving.

"Hey, Fido... Training and front line authorization is the answer to retaining customer loyalty!" Caroline is a keeper!

Good luck with your issue Anna!

Hey @jimmydeangrande !

I'm really thrilled to learn that we were able to work things out. Very_Happy

Thank you so much for your loyalty, it's truly appreciated.


Hey @AnnaStradiotto,


Welcome to the community! 


To begin, I would like to thank you for your continued loyalty to us. Rest assured, we value your loyalty and we would love to look over your account with you in order to find you the best deal for you.


With that said, if you wish to proceed you can contact us here and we'll be happy to help you.😊


I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2



I have called twice to speak with reps and the only offer they can provide is the 4gb for 50. Again, it doesnt make sense that you will not provide a loyal customer with 5 for 50 like you will for your new customers and like koodo is doing for their new and existing customers. I will be looking into the koodo deal and leaving fido

We understand it's frustrating, however, we'd love to have a last look at your account in order to find the best plan for you. As mentioned, if you wish to proceed you can contact us via social media here and we'll be happy to help you.