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Debt Collection NCRI

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, I was in Canada from June to August during 2019 on a tourist visa. So have opted for a prepaid mobile plan from FIDO which cost me around 65 CAD. While purchasing the sim card, I have specially notified the employee at Fido store that I will only be needing the sim for three months and after that I will be going back to my home country. So fast forward to August, I once again ask the employee during the first week of August to cancel my subscription after August 15 as I no longer stay in Canada and the employee assured me that they will take care of the matter. I come to India and find out that I keep getting bills from Fido to my email every month. I was worried as this proved that the subscription was still active with respect to Fido. But all the documents I used to get there connection clearly state that I was on a one time Visa and had to leave the country after three months. Anyways, I tried calling customer support from India for almost 10 times. Calling to Canda from India is very very expensive. I have had to stay on the line waiting for an employee to help me for almost 20 minutes each time. I have spent almost about 2000 INR i.e., 40 CAD in just trying to contact Fido and ask them to sort this issue. The wait times were long and I had to cancel the call after waiting for 15-20 minutes each time. After a while, I could see that the My account page in Fido website notified me that my subscription is paused and the access to My Account was restricted. I figured that Fido finally fixed the issue and cancelled my subscription. Some days later, I got a mail from NCRI asking me to pay a debt of 500 CAD that I owed Fido or else my credit score gets impacted. I was absolutely devasted by this email. I am a student who lives on a tight budget and don't even own a card for international transactions. I have contacted NCRI regarding this issue and explained the same at length. They have assured me that they will figure out something as it was quite a strange issue and promised to get back to me. It has been more than 10 days since. This has been a very painful and unpleasant experience for me with Fido and that salesperson who assured me that cancelling subscription was no big deal and he'd do it for me if I just notified in advance, which I did. Someone from Fido please help me in sorting out this issue. NCRI is absolutely unreachable from my end as we have a 13 hour time difference and I do not have the email address for customer support.





Former Moderator
Former Moderator

 Hey Karthik! Thank you for providing this information.


Please reach out to us so we can take a closer look into this together.