Data byte

Data byte

Data byte

I'm a Participant Level 2

Data byte

Is there not any data byte ?


Hey @Harmandeep1


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Can you clarify your question? Were you having difficulties connecting to the Data Bytes on your end or were you looking for more information on this feature? 


You can check out everything you need to know about this awesome option from here

I'm a Participant Level 2

I was using 5 hours of free data from may be 5-6 months but when i update the app i couldnot find data byte in the app.

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Hey @Harmandeep1,


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We'll need to ask you a few questions to better understand the situation.


Can you tell us what version of the app you have?

Are you connected on the Wi-Fi or on the cellular data when you're accessing the app?

What's the make and model of your phone?





Hi @Harmandeep1,


Were you able to figure this out? Let us know!