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Customer forgiveness

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

People all over go through hard times. Sometimes the little things such as keeping the lights on and such are more important. Or getting your kids clothes. I understand we sre adults and should act as such when signing up for such a term. Yes this in hopes to finish the term as most do and some won't because of hard times. I agree i got excited with the offer from chatr to go on a 2 year term. I had no job and was a stay at home father with my wife working and paying for things full time. I couldn't get full time work or make anything over 1k as i was in bankruptcy. Should i have gotten the term NO absolutely not. Going through bankruptcy definitely taught me things about credit and credit collections and such. But it also taught me that i made a mistake going into especially with no real way to pay for it. My wife godbless her did the best she could to keep my phone alive and active. As things went her student loan was starting to get aggressive in collecting and she then had to start paying around $400 a month and with a new car loan due to are car physically breaking we had no choice. As soon as my bankruptcy was over i went out to get a job but by then I was too late to catch up as my phone was already in suspension and they couldn't lower the bill until the balance was paid off. Things kept happening keeping me from paying it off and i WANTED TOO! I made the plans with FIDO to do so three times and each time something came up keeping me from doing such. Helping my wife with household bills so she can keep up with her own was a task all in it's own. Then god blessed up with a pregnancy which yes not the smartest idea in the financial time but we have been waiting for the chance to get our girl (which we know now it is a girl) with two boys we wanted to give it a chance. So there goes the food bill as it was upped a bit more. We were still trying to figure out a way to get me paid off with fido as I just got out of bankruptcy so i wanted to keep my credit from getting ruined right off the bat. Too late things happened that are out of are control and unable to keep up with. Did i want to continue with Fido YES! I Loved the friendly service and the help they tried to offer. I am disappointed in myself for first getting into something i wasn't ready for but for trying to get it all under control and getting no where. I can't say i didn't try but i wish there was some sort of customer forgiveness ONCE in a term for people trying to get life under control. Now with my job and all the bills under control and my finances balanced out i could have lowered my bill and kept paying on time until my term was over and continued my service as a loyal customer. I won't get that chance but i understand where i went wrong. That's all i just wish there was a way to be forgiven for something i was trying to get under control. Listen to my recordings i tried and wanted to get this resolved each time. I just wish they were able to lower my bill while in suspension as i most likely could have kept my bill continuing to double each month. My bill was $120 and had it been under $50 i most likely could've caught up at some point. If someone sees this and wants to help PLEASE reach out Smiley thanks 



Hello @johnathompson


Welcome to our Community!


Thank you for taking the time to tell your story on the Community and congratulations on the baby girl on the way. Smiley


We truly appreciate your feedback but for any payment arrangements discussion though, you would need to reach out to our credit operations department. You can do so by dialing *732 from your Fido phone or from another phone you can call 1-888-288-2106.

We wish you good luck.