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Credit score enquire hit my credit score bad

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have had Fido account before when I was in school and switched to other service provider later. Now, one month back I registered again with Fido for a new line. I have set up an automatic authorized payment from my credit card. When I joined, the invoice was 102$ and as it auto-authorized it got paid on the date it published. On the same day my credit score went down by 38 point. It is been a month today and tried to contact customer support, I called them twice, the first call hang up by the support and nobody followed up after, and had to explain my problem 7 times in a row for an hour. They did not solve or answer any questions regarding why it took so big hit? In the second time, I requested to talk with one of the manager, waited for 45 mins after 1 hour being on the phone, and what happens is they hang up the call again. I have been told that they don't answer any credit score related question!!! What a great service!!! On my credit report it still has 102$ of open balance. Wow!!!



Hey @rajaghara, 


That's not what we want to hear.


We'll be happy to go over the situation with you.


There are several ways to reach customer service:


 - On the phone (by dialing 611 from your Fido device), you will have a call back option instead of waiting on the line.

- Via live chat on

- By writing us a private message on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).


Hope to talk to you soon.