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Credit limit reached but no notification or email …

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

My fido account says credit limit reached but i havent used $600 worth of call data or messages.. i dont even have a job to be able to pay it off im in a tough spot right now as an international student.. being based of SSM finding jobs are hard... i would appreviate some advice as to how i can sort this matter out ... or to clear out and pay the minimum due... im on the $34/month plan... this is really unfair by me ... pls rectify and clarify this issue ... im struggling as is with money and financing my daily living and food costs... to pay $600+ for a mobile plan is day light robbery ... 



Hello @JR29,


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First, you need to figure out what is it exactly you are being charged for and that will be on your invoice once you review your invoice and know exactly what you are being charged for you can take appropriate steps, if it is a mistake then you will need to contact customer service and have them look into it.


If the charges are valid and you are not able to make the payment in full then you can set up a payment arrangement see here for how to do that. Alternatively, you can also do it online at just log in to your account then click on Billing & Payments and you will see an option for Set up Promise To Pay just click on that and go through the steps.