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Credit check update for an financed phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Does anyone know how long it would take for Fido to complete a credit check on an existing customer? I have good credit score only just found out for whatever reason Fido does not have an updated record (according to the customer service). I have to submit a request for Fido to get an update. It's frustrating since if I know it would take longer than I want, I might as well get the new phone from other service provider. Anyone has experience on this issue? Many thanks!



Hey @SeaSaltCaramel, Alex here! 


Doing a new credit check is very fast, it will only take a few minutes once you get in touch with us. If that's your main concern, you can be sure that it will be faster than starting with a new provider! You should also know that in most cases, if you're already with us, we'll only need to do an internal check. 


I hope this clarifies! 😊