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Credit Evaluation Failure

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Recently my Fido account was hacked and someone tried to make some purchases. Fido was very effecient in detecting this fraud and as a safety precaution blocked my account. Subsequently with the help of CSR, I had my account up and running again. 

However, I have now noticed that I cannot add a line to my account. I get a Credit Evaluation Failure notification. I have reached out to the concerned department where they verify my information and inform me that all is good now and I can go ahead and add a line. I am also told that a credit check has been completed (I'm doubtful about this since I've never seen any Fido credit enquiry on my report). This has happened twice and after both times neither I nor a CSR is able to add a line to my account.



 Hi there @Aman0712


We're very sorry to hear that. 


Please contact us so we can continue looking into this with you