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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I came here to report a really bad incident which happened with me today. It was regarding the call which I made to the fido customer care centre . This agent which I talked to. So, I talked to her and told her that  during the past week I talked to one of your customer service agent and set up a plan for myself. In that deal your agent told me that I can buy the Iphone 13 pro with no down at the cost of $55.17 monthly payment for 24 months. Then she told me its not possible and i can't see any plan regarding this. I told her that this plan was exclusively for me, as the former agent told me. Then she looked under her notes and finally agrees that she can find this deal but told me that it will cost me $60 dollar instead. I told her that your agent told me that there will be a credit of $5 dollars on this. Then she in a very rude tone told me that it was not there and when i asked her to connect me to the former agent or if she needs she can check my call recording with him, she told me that she is not going to do that because customers always tell lies. Then when I asked her is she trying to say that I am lying then she openly agrees to it.
I have been with Fido for more than 25 months now and I have never expected such a behaviour from any of its agent. I also work in a corporate setting and there are certain times when some customers might tell a lie but we never say anything to them on their face since its our business ethics. To be frank, it felt really rude and humiliating. And here I clearly told her that if she wanna verify then she can simply do this by checking my call recording with the agent. Then when I ask her to connect me to her supervisor, she let me wait for another 30 minutes and even after asking multiple times how much time the supervisor needs to connect with me, she told me that she can't say and can't help me out on this. I also asked her if her supervisor can give me a call later, she still doent have any answers for me.
I can understand Fido might have alot of customers and doesn't care if a loyal customer like me might leave. But I just wanna say it might not affect the company now but it eventually lose alot more loyal customers when other consumers face the same humiliating incident. I will share this incident with my friends, family and my corporate colleagues, so that they came to know that Fido is no longer interested in doing the customer service and its agents have the feeling that the customers just tell lies.



Hey @Kkapoor !

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I'm truly sorry to hear about this situation. This is definitely not the kind of customer service experience we aim to provide, so thank you for taking the time to report it.

I'll send you a PM so we can look into this further.

Talk soon!