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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, last week I had an issue with my billing I call you customer service and the first agent I spoke to was rude he told me I didn't answer his question and when I ask to speak to a supervisor he said no you can't and went on to tell me I will not get away with not paying this amount, first of all I am a long time customer with Fido I had never failed to pay my payments I had this agent treating me as a theif when I hang up I called another person name "Saad" and he was extremely offesive to me as a customer and as a women, the first this he did he went into a rage when I didn't understand his name and ask for his name again, secondely he told me to change place he can hear a lot of noice, thirdly he scream on top of his lungs and told me if I cut him off he will hung up in my face after a while everything was calm he told me he will give me 25$ to change my rate and he did apologize but was still being rude. I will not stay with a company that doesn't respect women and treat their long time customer as a door mat, I will not give my money monthly to a company that is not professional to start with and it doesn't look like these employees of yours had any proper training and are unsupervise. 


The offer I was given is nothing compare to other company that are offering lower rate than yours

I would rather pay more to another company than have your rude staff give me any service.


Good morning @khatkeeria , so sorry to hear that you had that experience. I'm pretty sure that your experience is not the experience that Fido and the customer service representatives would want you to have. If I may suggest that you contact Fido through live chat or on social media through Twitter or Facebook and relay your experience to them in writing. I know that most people will help you if given the opportunity and will try to make it right. Best regards and hope you have a better day.