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Companies providing proof - a Suggestion

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

With all the scams and data breaches and companies all wanting our info (a lot of them for nefarious purposes,  most legit companies we deal with try their best to make sure they're speaking to the actual account holder.


They use Account info verification,  passwords,  pin numbers, now voice verification.


But why should it not also work the other way around (especially for businesses that utilize text messaging to provide services to their clients). There should be a way for the company to prove to US, the clients, that it's actually them sending the message, or calling us on b the phone.  So far all the onus has been on the customer to prevent fraud or scams from happening to them.


That means we need to constantly keep up with all the new ways scammers are using to get at our info. That's a lot of info and most of it is written in fairly tech heavy language. Businesses probably keep up to date on these things in a larger percentage than the average consumer.


Couldn't we come up with some way so that we could have the company verify and prove their identity as well? Have them take an equal role in the responsibility of keeping data safe and defeating scammers?


  • I think the time of putting all the responsibility on the customer/client should be coming to an end... especially as we see more and more stories of data breaches that happened years before we even hear about it.