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Cheating on customers

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have seen the similar concerns when I digged in deeper. Miscommunication, misguiding and god knows what all. Never get into any agreement on phone. Whatever they’re gonna tell you, you won’t get. They will deny each and everything. I swear to god it’s a scam. They will not listen to you. You will get frustrated, disappointed, upset and they will not be concerned and will not respond to you. 

I know nothing will be done now. Please take care of all this. Make sure you get what you are told. 

Coming from a different country and facing all this. It hurtsssssss. 

Never gonna trust any network here in Canada.



Hey @Sasha147


It sounds that you are not getting the best experience right now. We are here to help.

I would like to take a look at your account to get this looked into.

I'm sending you a PM now. Talk to you soon Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I’m not asking for anything extra. Just give me whatever was promised. Calls get monitored, they are recorded. Check the date I was given this plan, you guys will understand.
Three things that were tood:
1. Everything in my plan would remain same.
(1000 Intnl minutes which were not added that time due to something wrong from executive’s part. She told it will definitely be added back. (I was getting it for free and it ws told it will continue to be like that.
Evidence of the same
Interaction number- IXXXXXXXXXX))
2. 75$ credit
3. There will be no activation charge.


Nothing is being done in the PM.

They’re simply not listening. This is gross. 

This doesn’t clarify anything. I was told that I would not be charged for the installation.
And 1000 minutes were there for free technically and the rep who did this plan change told me particularly that everything will be same plus increase in data (5gb) and unlimited calling.

Interaction number- IXXXXXXXXXX

And, moreover she told me all of this will reflect in your first bill.
I’m not gonna wait for the second invoice. Give me the 75$, 35$ installation and 5$ credit for 1000 minutes PERIOD.

I reviewed the memos once more and provided more details in PM.


We're happy to help as much as we can @Sasha147, at this point our only goal is to move towards a positive resolution. 


As a side note, we've edited your message to hide the interaction numbers.