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Charging for devices before shipping

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I ordered a new phone about a week ago, and I got an e-mail today saying that the device has not yet been shipped and is currently backordered. It's understandable that the device might be out of stick given I ordered my phone over the holiday when large numbers of people were taking advantage of the holiday promotions. What I don't understand here is how Fido justifies charging customer's credit cards before shipping a product. Most retailers place the charge only when the product has been shipped. 


The e-mail I received provides no information about when I can expect the phone I've ordered to be back in stock, or how long it'll take for it to shipped to me. So, Fido has my money (and a fair bit of it), and I have no idea if it'll be days or weeks until I get my order. How is this considered fair or good customer service? 



Hey @Quicksilver!


We're sorry that you didn't get much information about what to do next. You have 3 choices when the device is back ordered:


-Cancel the current order

-Wait for the device to be back in stock

-Order a different device


We'll be making the adjustments to your account depending of your choice. You can contact us or we can send you a private message from here. 


Let us know what you prefer!