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Charged for service never used

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am a FIDO customer since 2013.

I ordered a SIM card online. I never received the SIM CARD as it was sent to wrong address. I called FIDO and Sim was reissued and Fido Case # C161343999 was generated. I received the new SIM card on Dec 12th, customer services was unable to activate the new sim card. I was charged for the sim card from the date it was issued. I ask them to resolve the issue, to which they told me that the sim card would be send again and I would be charged another 10 dollars for the new number, which I never used. I asked them to cancel the new card as I don't want to pay for the thing I never used or received. For the second communication I waited for 3 hours and their supervisor never answered.



Hey @aziz2k4,


That definitely doesn't sound right! We're sad about all the hassle you had to go through. That said, we'd love nothing more than to get this resolved for you.


We can send you a PM here and review this situation. Would you like to continue?