Charged Zone 3 Daily Internet Rate 959.04 without knowing what was happened?

Charged Zone 3 Daily Internet Rate 959.04 without knowing what was happened?

Charged Zone 3 Daily Internet Rate 959.04 without knowing what was happened?

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Charged Zone 3 Daily Internet Rate 959.04 without knowing what was happened?


I've just back from a trip to China Vietnam from 18/12-26/12/2017 in China and from 26/12/2017-8/1/2018 in Vietnam then back to China 8/1/2018-10/1/2018 then go back home to Canada.

I was frustrated to receive a bill from FIDO for 1314$ including my monthly plan of 80$.

I checked at the bill and it shows unclear as

U.S./Internl roaming charges
6:00 min:sec
Data billed - Int'l roaming
952.47 MB
Zone 3 Daily Internet Rate
96 msgs
Roaming Text Messages - sent
21 msgs

When I have clicked on details, it shows 

1733253 KB
0.00 dollars
There is no explanation about the cost charge from what usage. I have not made any long distance call. Always use WIFI for Facebook and Wechat. Can"t receive MMS or SMS message. Close all browsers.
I have called  FIDO to inspect and customer service responded that the Roaming doesn't cover in Vietnam. So why do you charge that much without details and explanation?
What is Zone 3 and 96 messages? I haven't received any text. Please explain. Thank you
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Hello Andy12345,


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  Sorry to hear you've received that awful surprise when you returned from your trip. For a more detailed look, they will have to get access to your account. However, hopefully I'll be able to answer some of your questions and clarify a little. Zone 3 includes Asia, and therefore China and Vietnam (see here). I believe the customer service you spoke with intended to mean that Vietnam is not included in Fido Roam nor the Travel Pack for Zone 3. However, you are able to roam in Vietnam on a pay-per-use basis (see below).


Taken from link above. Rates would be the same for China.


  Had you disabled data and/or roaming data before you left Canada? Had you enabled airplane mode on your device? I understand you closed your browsers so you did not intend to use data. However many apps can send/receive information without the need for them to be open. Since messaging using WeChat is via the internet, it appears that those 96 messages might have been sent/received while not connected to Wifi. **edit**  Did you send/receive any video messages?**  It also appears that those roaming text messages were sent at the pay-per-use rate. Are you sure all messages sent were using the apps?


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Hello again,


  Something came to mind... Did you (or someone with access to your device) accept additional roaming charges via text message? According to the Wireless code, a service provider must suspend national and international data roaming charges once they reach $100 within a single monthly billing cycle, unless the account holder or authorized user expressly consents to pay additional charges (see section E2i).


  Even if your trip spanned two billing cycles, your data should have been blocked once you reached $200 in roaming data charges -- unless you consented to pay additional charges.


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Hey @Andy12345 and thanks for reaching out.

To go over your bill, we will need to access your account.


You can reach us through our channels here


We can also send you  a PM here on the Community to get this looked into.

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