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Changing ownership

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My husband bought me a Fido phone for Christmas in 2012. I have paid for the phone all along but it's in his name. Recently we have separated and I wanted the phone in my name now. We have done everything asked of us to change this. But they do not accept my Servus Credit Union MasterCard. I even went to a Fido store and paid my bill with said credit card. I pay my Fido bill from Servus online banking. Fido associate asked me for my passport. I don't have one. Asked me for my birth certificate. I don't carry that or my SIN card. Further more my birth certificate would have my birth name not my married. So I presume that would be no good and they would ask me for my marriage license. I am beyond frustrated with Fido.



Hi @fayelorraine Smiley


It's definitely not our intention to make this process difficult for you!

That said, we need to create a new account for you and run a credit evaluation to do so.


If you activate the account online, a credit card is necessary, but not if you call in to customer service or if you activate it in store.


We accept the following pieces of ID (we'll need two): 
- Social Insurance Number

- Driver's licence

- Birth Certificate

- Canadian Passport

- Provincial Photo ID / Age of Majority Card

- Permanent Resident Card

- Native Status Card

- Senior Citizens Card

- Military ID


You should be able to use your birth certificate even if it's under your maiden name.


Do you have two of those that you can use when calling in?