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Change your carrier - Purolator is not delivering the package!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Me and my partner are expecting the delivery of our new phones (Seperate deliveries). It happen first on my delivery - the tracking say it's on it way then right away it said that it was a missed delivery - receiver not available. They did not ring the door code, nor call me saying they are outside. Tracking updated afterwards that it is delivered. That prompted me to call their customer service as I did not see any door tag, and did not get any package. Their customer service said it was delivered to their sorting facility and I requested a redeliver. The next day, my bf was supposed to get his package, and again same thing happened to his package. We checked our building CCTV, not surprisingly there was no driver nor delivery attempt at all. He spoke to their customer service to request redelivery.. and now his tracking say that it was send back to FIDO. Both of us did not get our package on time, we are supposed to get it before our trip. I did my research and it looks like this has been an issue with Purolator (lots of people complained about the same issue).  FIDO need to review their carrier contract with Purolator! I work on logistic and this is just bad for business! I hope you guys brought it up to your director or VP.  You might get the cheapest rate with them, but they provide bad service to your client. Very bad business decision on your part to continue doing business with them. 


I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

I hope Fido/Purolator resolves your issue. Unfortunately, this is just how business works. The profit-maximising firm will have strong incentives to cut corners and costs, leading to terrible service - even moreso when there are only a couple competitors and they know that customers' bargaining power is weak.


This is how and why I entered my first business school an ardent free-market capitalist, and graduated from my second business school passionate about strong and aggressive regulations.