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Change name on account

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi All,

I'm a new customer to Fido and already frustrated before first billing cycle. Bought my sim from loblaw mobile shop the teller updated my name wrong for account opening and didn't even give me any contract/ agreement also as a print out. This is a mistake from loblaw. But when I called Fido cc to correct it their back office team came back saying it's a legal name change and wanted me to send a mail or fax. I got frustrated I mean who even uses fax or mail in this digital world. So called up cc again and explained the issue. Again their back office team sent me the same reply. 

Why do I need to send a mail or fax for no mistake of mine? And Fido is a telecom company isn't it? Then why don't you guys accept my proof on an email why do you need mail or fax? For sending bills to customers fido opts for paperless. But for collecting documents copy then need it on paper what is this?.




Hey @Santhosh92! Welcome to the Community.


Rest assured that Fido is committed to investing in digital features and online services to better serve our customers. However when it comes to sending these kind of legal information, mail and fax will be more secure. 


Depending on the change requested, some can be corrected immediately and other will require more info. Since we're asking you to mail or fax your details, this means that it's not a simple typo that was a made at the store and we need to validate some information to apply the changes. 
If you want us to have a closer look into things with you, don't hesitate to rach out to us on these channels.