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Cannot make calls to Clinton Ontario any number

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Today when I tried to call my mum how lives in a small town in ontario I got no dial tone and then a voice saying the person is unavailable. I tried from a different cell phone on a different network and it worked fine. I got her to call me on my fido line and I got the call. Then I tried various businesses in in her town from fido and all the calls said service unavaliable.  I tried the same calls on a different phone service and they all went through. What is going on?

I called her yesterday and everything was ok but I did notice a major echo of my voice


Good morning @Joe131 , sorry you've been having difficulty with calling Clinton. That's definitely strange that only one town seems unavailable to call. Did you call technical support to have them figure it out with you? Since they would have access to your account and all the troubleshooting magic, I believe that they will be able to solve it for you. Give a call from your device by dialing *611 and have a tech help to fix this. All the best