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Can’t speak with a phone agent anymore. Impossible data usage.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Why has Fido removed the option to connect with a live agent by phone? Live Chat agents are definitely not the same. I wasted 2 hours of my time last week waiting in queue for my turn, then waiting some more for replies each time -- only to be spontaneously disconnected by the chat agent, with no resolution to the issue, when I asked if I could speak with someone else, e.g. a supervisor, who might know more about my issue. I asked for a transcript at the end, but this feature was not working. No transcript was received. Early on in the chat, the agent had told me that Fido was experiencing problems with their option to talk with a live agent by phone, and that they were working on the issue, so I thought I would try again, one week later. I suspect that what I was told was untrue because there is still no option to speak with a live agent. Surely it would have been rectified over the course of 7 days?


In June of this year I WAS able to speak with a live agent by phone to have him remove erroneous charges for US data usage. I never left the country, but was SE of Toronto, close to the border. When I asked how I could avoid these charges in the future, he told me there was no way to avoid it and that I would need to call Fido every time to have the charges removed. If there is no one to speak with and live chat agents are not helpful, then I guess I will be expected to just pay for the extra charges, -- in which case Fido will be losing a customer. 

Although I have done NOTHING out of the ordinary recently, I received a message stating that I had used 80% of my data, 14 days into my cycle. One of those days in the cycle was the day of the country-wide outage. This means that according to Fido, I used 3 times as much data as I would normally use in an entire month, over the course of 13 days! This is simply impossible. In my 7 years with Fido I have never even come close to using all of my data each month, let alone over a span of 13 days. I have spoken with others who are experiencing the same issue and all of us are exasperated by the incredible amounts of reported data usage that is purportedly being used all of a sudden. Checking the weather or listening to one song suddenly uses 10x the data it once did. The main thing that has changed recently is that there was a country-wide cell service outage, and we can't help but be suspicious of the correlation between this and the supposed sudden spikes in our data usage. The other things that changed since the outage are that we can no longer speak with an agent, customers must lose considerable valuable time waiting to communicate through live chat, and the option to have a transcript sent following live chat isn't working properly. I would like to stay with Fido, but these things need to be looked into and rectified.


Hi @Margo9 , sounds very frustrating. Did you try call customer service from your device? I have reached them recently by dialing *611 on my phone. If that doesn't work for you, try contacting fido solutions on Twitter to engage with a customer service representative through direct messaging (DM)

I hope you are able to connect with an agent in real time